Creative Steps


Fiona Wood

MA Dance Movement Psychotherapist


Telephone: 07930 527997



Try for yourself with a free session of

"Getting to Know You Through Movement"

Option 3


As a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist, I provide Dance Movement psychotherapy for specific SEN children with emotional or behavioural problems or with diagnosis of ADHD, ADD, Autisum and dyslexia. This includes tailored movement sessions, class observations, writing reports and referrals. £40 per hour .


Option 3


A full day of group creative dance sessions for schools, (the amount of classes achievable an a day would depend on the length and size of each class, which are negotiable).

£100 - £200 per day and is based on regular weekly sessions.


Creative Steps for Toddlers


Bookings for Creative Steps are taken half termly. Classes are £6.50 and are adjusted accordinly to when you join in the term. Free Taster Offer if booked in advanced. Half price for siblings.


Option 2


Hourly Rate £40.

To book or enquiry any more details of any of these services, please contact Fiona Wood, or Telephone : - 07930 527997