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Creative Steps for Toddlers

Creative movement is a joyful way to explore movement through music. The program includes creative movement taught through, dancing with different music styles, rhymes with actions, musical story telling and dressing up whilst dancing with props. We encourage parents and carers to join in to help and share the enjoyment with their little creative dancer. Very quickly you will notice their confidence grow and physical development expand. We believe that you will see how much fun your toddler will experiencee whilst learning the basic concepts of rhythum, direction, and memory. We offer a free taster trial classes, so you can be sure it’s a class they’ll enjoy. Bookings are then taken in half term blocks.

Dance is naturally in us all just waiting to be let out


  • From babies the main way for a child to express their needs is through movement.


  • Creative Steps considers movement as a communication.


  • Creative dance is more than a physical activity it stimulates the mind by accessing our senses thoughts and emotions.


  • Creative steps enhances physical abilities with movement and emotional support.


  • Creative steps draws on a childs natural abilities, encourage potential and builds physical confidence.


Classes are fun for both boys and girls from the age of 16+ months. However we welcome any little ones who are confident on their feet to give us a try!



Creative dance classes are designed to help your little ones enhance their co-ordination and rhythm.


We are here to nurture their natural love of movement in a structured yet relaxed 35 minute class.


We use fun props such as ribbons, ankle/wrist bells, bubbles, bean bags, parachutes and hoops to help them get the children moving, as well as others which change with different dance music styles. The children will have lots of fun!!


Please call to book your free taster class on 07930527997 at either;


New Term starts 13th September 2017


Venue St.Mildred's church

30 Bingham Road

Addiscombe, Croydon

Wednesday mornings at 10am and 10.50